Chat Recap: Art and Its Role in Urban Planning & Renewal

Transcript Now Available

Last Friday, the #artsmgtchat community discussed the role that art plays in community enrichment and engagement. Our featured host was Bea Dominguez, Online Community Curator at TechSoup and Communications Director at Emerging Arts Professionals. The chat was a success as we had our very first international visitors (thanks for stopping by, Vaneeesa from The Hague!). Here are some results:

  • 306 tweets
  • 36 contributors
  • 167,000 impressions
  • Reach: 25,300 individuals

Highlights from the discussion:

Q1. What do you think makes a successful/vibrant city?

A1 Community. Culture. Vibrant Public Space that fosters interaction. Lots of parking. Lots of pedestrian space.

A1: Vibrance is a side effect of strong leadership, focuses on cultural development. If ppl are bored, they won’t like the city.

A1) There is a chicken/egg question here. Does vibrant city inspire civic engagement/does civic engagement create vibrant city?

Q2. What do you see is the role of the #arts in helping cities achieve this vibrancy?

A2 The arts give people things to do and experience. Vibrancy attracts more vibrancy.

A2: I wish cities would help bridge the gap between nfp arts orgs and private cos. bridging the gap to secure private support would be a huge boost to arts, and strengthen ties to community.

A2: Being active in the community and open to collaborations with other orgs–arts OR civic orgs–and local businesses.

Q3. Are the arts the precursors of vibrant cities or are they the outcome? What came first?

A3 I vote that arts are the precursors of vibrant cities or better yet creative people are the precursors.

A3. I like to think #arts and culture help foster #creativity & development on a larger scale.

A3: cultural policy q – cities often use #arts as catalyst for urban renewal. Creatives & their work attract others to citycntr.

Q4. Does community transformation mean gentrification? How do we avoid negative impact?

A4 Communities are always evolving and gentrification may be the result or not. A negative impact may depend on who is impacted.

A4: as much community input as possible, no displacement, ensure the people want the change and it benefits all – be #inclusive.

A4 things do seem to gentrify. Maybe worse in the density of NYC, and a bit less in the sprawl of LA.

Q5. Does your city value creative labor? In what ways can it value it more?

A5: #Chi supports the arts in many ways; we are a valuable part of the econ. $2.2B in 2010 spent on arts.

A5 economic impact studies do a good job making the case for community value.

A5.@MassDanceFest employs dancers,teachers & develops partnerships w/ biz.,communities,institutions #value #creative #labor.

Q6. Can you share some examples of #arts transforming communities near you?

A6. @LACountyArts’ Arts for All program bringing arts education as core curriculum into the classroom.

A6: Hayward, CA’s mural program. Employs local artists (esp at-risk youth), promotes cultural preservation + beautification.

A6: “Our Town” NEA grant for Station North Arts & Entertainment District in Baltimore @StationNorth.

Photo Credit: Tony Rosenthal

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