Top #Arts Tweets This Week (June 11-17)

Hello arts peeps – here is a round-up of interesting arts tweets this week. If we missed any tweets, please feel free to add them to the comments section below. Happy Thursday!

@TRGArts: When you look at individual audience members’ activity,you see that Millenials invest in surprising ways.

@NatPhilharmonic“The #classicalmusic world is full of enterprising musicians tearing down boundaries” (via @coolmcjazz)

@Americans4Arts: More from #AFTA12 – P.S. You’re Serving the Minority: How to Keep Up With New Majority #ARTSblog

@EmbassySeries1: Haiti Launches Classical Music Project Modeled on Venezuela’s El Sistema #arts #haiti

@creativemoco: US #nonprofit #arts drives $135.2 billion in economic activity! Download @Americans4Arts’ study #AEP4

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