10 Awesome Tweets from #AFTA12 and #Orch2012

I’m currently in the airport (en route to Bahrain to visit family) stalking #AFTA12 and Orch2012 tweets, and let me tell you: I wish I was able to go to these conferences! The sessions sound amazing, and you can’t beat the networking opportunities. For those of you who are not familiar with these conferences, here are the links to the conference pages:

Americans for the Arts
2012 Annual Convention

League of American Orchestras
67th National Conference

And, here are some of my favorite tweets from each conference – enjoy! 

Americans for the Arts 2012 Annual Convention

RT @uo_elan: @ArtsWave in Cincy present funding framework: citizen vs. patron-focused/balanced between sustainability and community impact #AFTA12

RT @philaculture: “Art can transform neighborhoods into Meccas of arts and culture” #AFTA12

RT @avlculturalarts: @Americans4Arts Bob Lynch & San Antonio’s Felix Padron article on placemaking and impact of the arts http://mobile.mysa.com/mysa/db_271129/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=cqpaesBE #AFTA12

RT @stephhansondc: Dave Lawrence also quotes a fortune cookie: “Doing what you love is freedom; loving what you do is happiness” #afta12

RT @uo_elan: Adam Natale’s advice to emerging leaders: Take risks/remain relevant/constantly work on relationship building. #AFTA12

League of American Orchestras 67th National Conference

RT @rschlosserpr: League reveals ASCAP Awards for adventurous programming incl @SFSymphony, @mn_orchestra http://bit.ly/L3JrN4 #orch2012

RT @LaceyH: New for orchestras often means something that happened in the last 80 years. We need to focus on NOW rather than new. #orch2012

RT @LaceyH: What if the key to innovation in your org isn’t starting something, but *stopping* something. #orch2012 from @jeffdegraff

RT @LaceyH:Don’t ask “what is best for my org?” ask “what is best for what we can do for music in society?” #orch2012

RT @bsomusic: Don’t ask for a donation. Ask for an investment #orch2012

3 thoughts on “10 Awesome Tweets from #AFTA12 and #Orch2012

  1. I wish I could have been at the #AFTA12 and #Orch2012 conferences too! @Americans4Arts and @OrchLeague are great organizations. I always find great information on their websites and I love their Tweets. Thanks for this compilation, Ally. Have a safe flight to #Bahrain!

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