Top #Arts Tweets This Week (May 21-27)

Here’s a roundup of interesting arts tweets this week. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

@Museofile — ‘What’s Next for Museums?’ online chat on hyper-personalization, crowd-sourcing, BYOD #mtogo#museweb

@OrchLeague — Engage foreign guest artists? Then bookmark the go-to resource, relaunched today:!

@Americans4Arts — Are arts admins volunteer-driven b/c of love of the field? Unspoken expectations? Necessity? All 3? #ARTSblog

@communityartsed —  Integrated marketing – if you knew it, you’d do it VIA @BW #artsmarketing #nampc

@WaterFireProv — Exciting! >Kresge’s Arts + Culture team will integrate grantmaking framework under concept of ‘creative #placemaking’ #arts

@HuffPostCulture  — Can this museum revolutionize Cleveland?

@Americans4Arts — Check out our new toolkit: Building #pARTnerships with Business – Arts-based training programs

@Arts4LA — Are organically developed arts districts more successful than planned entertainment districts?

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