Top Tweets from the #ArtsMgtChat Community This Week (May 14-18)

Here’s a round-up of interesting arts tweets this week – enjoy!


4 Reasons Why Nonprofits Cannot “Go Dark” on Social Media on Weekends #artsmanagement
Thomas Cott (@youvecottmail)

NextGen staff at innovative #arts orgs twice as likely to bring “whole self” to work (cc: @emergingarts)
ArtsFwd (@ArtsFwd)

Museums of the future: providing the personal, collaborating with the crowd via @GdnCulturePros
Howard Sherman (@HESherman)

Yet another crowdfunding article, this one comparing Kickstarter and USA Projects:
Ian David Moss ‏(@createquity)

New blog post – Journey to the center of the organization – on staff connections to artistic core:
Andrew Taylor ‏(@artfulmanager)

Did we miss any tweets? Add your articles and links to the comments section below or send us a tweet at @artsmgtchat. Cheers!

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