Top Tweets from the #ArtsMgtChat Community this Week (May 7-11)

Here is a round-up of interesting tweets from the #artsmgtchat community this week!

Marc van Bree (our host for this Friday’s chat) wrote a mini blog series on the Austin Lyric Opera’s digital media strategy (you can read about  it here).  This is a must read for all arts marketers. Main highlights from the study: The new ALO digital strategy is focused on enhancing these key elements: tracking conversions, online advertising, social media, and mobile site. Thank you to @Adaptistration for sharing!

This definitely is a great question for those who are straddling both an artistic career with another job. Many questions come to mind: what is your work-life balance like? Is there an ideal career that combines both passions? Why did you decide to do both? Email your answers to Bea at

No explanation necessary!

We asked the following question today on Twitter: What are some best practices for #socialmedia #marketing in the #arts? Here is a terrific reply from @IntlArtsMvmnt. Takeaway: audience engagement takes time, energy and commitment.

What are your thoughts on social media best practices? Or about any of the above tweets/articles? Feel free to add to the conversation by writing in the comments section below or tweeting to the hashtag #artsmgtchat. See you this Friday!

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