Top Tweets from the #ArtsMgtChat Community This Week

This week has been a busy one for the arts! From the New York Times debate on arts funding to the sale of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” at $120 million, there is certainly a lot of exciting news, articles and blog posts to share. Here is a rundown of interesting content that the #artsmgtchat community has shared on Twitter this week. 

An interesting read on Tim Carpenter and his work as Executive Director of EngAGE, a nonprofit that provides “affordable senior arts colonies that combine wellness, life-long learning, community building, and intergenerational arts programs.” What is so awesome about this initiative is that it is affordable AND unites the community around the arts. A definite win-win.
Article: Tim Carpenter: Social Entrepreneur Is Revolutionizing Senior Housing

As arts organizations are approaching the end of their fiscal year, it is important to prepare for the dreaded audit. The Arts & Business Council of Chicago provides great advice for selecting an auditing firm, as well as tips that ensure a smooth process. Main takeaway: make sure your files and documents are organized – the auditor will NOT clean up your books!
ArticlePaving the Way to a Smoother Audit

According to this article/podcast, the creative workforce continues to struggle in this economy. Reporter Scott Timberg says: “It has to do with the definition of the cultural elite. The idea that artists, people who like culture, who consume it, are not real Americans, are not one of us,” he said. Yet most members of the creative class fly under the radar, without a tattoo or a beret or an earring that announces them as an artist.” Do you agree?
ArticleRecession hitting ‘cultural creatives’ especially hard

This is a great article from TRG Arts that sheds some light on patron engagement, retention and loyalty. Ultimately, it come down to really knowing your patrons, their habits and what gets them excited. TRG is spot on: “But when you get down to the patron level—what they buy, how they give, how much they spend, even psychographic factors—it is easier to see individual patrons’ love of the art form and how it translates into value for your organization.”
ArticleA “major donor” has many faces

Main takeaway from Americans for the Arts’ CEO Bob Lynch: “We have the tools. What we need is the collective will to move beyond debating whether the arts should be supported.” Preach!
Article: Find Inspiration in Local Efforts (Part of “How to Fund the Arts in America“)

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